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Jim McNiven is very pleased to announce the arrival of the 3rd and final volume of The Yankee Road trilogy - The Yankee Road Volume 3: Apotheosis. The final installment in the road trip series brings us to Newport, Oregon, and closes out the coast-to-coast trip across America's longest highway, US 20. You can now grab your copies of all 3 volumes of The Yankee Road: Tracing the Journey of the New England Tribe that Created Modern America in paperback or electronic version by visiting the Buy Now section of this website. Don’t forget, you can also find us at The Yankee Road on Facebook and Twitter.

Volume 3 takes us from Chicago, site of the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893, westward across northern Illinois to the Pacific shore at Newport, Oregon. Along the way, we will encounter the social activist and first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize, Jane Addams, as well as stories about four famous painters of western scenes.

Going westward, we meet Iowa Civil War heroine, Annie Wittenmeyer, and scientist, Edwards Deming, among others. In Nebraska there is 'Doc' Middleton, 'King of the horse thieves,' and the mass entertainers, Buffalo Bill Cody, Walt Disney and P.T. Barnum.
In Wyoming, we see grandmother and housewife, Louisa Swain, who went shopping in downtown Laramie and made history as the first woman in history ever to legally vote in an official election. Then, it is off along Route 20 to Yellowstone Park. and its volcanic wonders.
The road then passes by Rexburg, Idaho, birthplace of the inventor of television and then goes Into Oregon to Newport, named by a Mainer who had good memories of Newport RI, where he vacationed as a child.
Through the volumes of The Yankee Road trilogy, Uncle Sam has accompanied us, by hitchhiking, then driving an early car past the Pennsylvania hills, until the road ends at the Pacific Ocean, where he stops to watch Captain Cook's ship, the Endeavour pass by​ on its way north, lit by a brilliant sunset.

The cover of The Yankee Road Volume 3: Apotheosis features new artwork by Marvel Comics artist Steve McNiven. McNiven’s original take on iconic Uncle Sam, seen hitchhiking along a New England section of Highway 20, appears on the cover of Volume 1. The cover of Volume 2 reflects the birth of the American auto industry (can you identify the car Uncle Sam is driving?).

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